Best compare consumer loan

If you go with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking up a consumer loan, you have probably heard all the horror stories that they are the pure “debt traps”. And if you’ve noticed, it’s probably always been people who haven’t needed a consumer loan that has said it, right?

The truth is that we can all need a consumer loan – especially if we suddenly experience some expenses that we cannot do without – and we have not foreseen. It is clear that you should not, as a rule, take up a consumer loan to pay for the holiday. So it makes sense to not go on holiday before you can afford it. However, in some cases, some extra money may be needed on your pocket. If the washing machine breaks one day, it is quickly three or four thousand dollars for a new one – and it is not certain that the family of children will have that kind of money at the end of the month. Therefore, there is no reason to look down on consumer loans – or for that matter the thousands of Danes who use them for great pleasure.

But if you are looking for a consumer loan, we always recommend that you find the best comparison of consumer loans. Often, your bank will like to help you – especially with smaller loans. If you are lucky, you can sometimes get an overdraft instead of a real consumer loan. An overdraft, by its very nature, simply means that you go into a minus on one of your accounts, expecting that you will fully redeem it next month – or as soon as possible. Here, of course, you should expect to pay interest on what you have borrowed, but typically there are not very high founding costs associated with this method.

However, not everyone has the convenience of going down to the bank and asking for an overdraft – or maybe you already have one. In these cases, it may make sense for you to look for an online consumer loan. Here you can apply for the loan that suits you best, and there are hundreds of different pages on the web that help you with the most useful comparison. Here you can compare interest rates, foundation costs, annual fees and much more. In addition to making it very easy to take out a loan, it also has the advantage that you typically get a quick answer to your loan application. Most places offer answers within a few hours.

When looking for the best places to compare loans, there may be several factors that play a role. If you generally have a high availability, you must be careful to borrow from places that only offer long repayment periods. Let’s give you an example:

If you have a monthly allowance of 3000 kroner after all expenses have been paid and you, for example, borrow 10,000 kroner, it will be far better for you to find a place where you can deposit extra on the amount so that it is quickly out of the world. That way, you save a lot of money in interest.

On the other hand, if your disposable amount is not so large, you may have to find that loans that give you a little longer maturity – for example, 72 months. Here you must pay attention to the interest rate. 15% in one year may not sound like much, but if you add up the interest costs throughout the life of the loan, you can be up and down twice as much as you borrowed. On the other hand, you typically have a very low performance, which, in turn, can be more sure to pay. In short, it is very individual to find the best calculator for just you, and we recommend that you keep your eyes open and make sure to read it in fine print.

Once you have found the best consumer loan for your situation, you can also take advantage of the loan agreement (before you have accepted it) into the bank. If your bank advisor suddenly sees that you can borrow money elsewhere, the bank may be more inclined to give you a loan – and here you can typically save money either in interest rates, founding fees – or in some cases both.

One should not underestimate that banks also want to make money. The only way they can make money is by issuing debt. However, it is a delicate balance that the banks must take into account, as they must of course also be sure that they will get their money back. But with a pre-approved loan application under the arm, you are much stronger when you have to negotiate interest with the bank.

And this tip doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to small loans. For example, if you have a car with 100,000 in residual debt, a student loan of 30,000 and for example a consumer loan of 50,000, then you are in total with debt items of 180,000 kroner. Sometimes it can be difficult to overlook, and it is therefore easier to collect the loans in one. When this is done, it is typically up to raising its monthly availability by, for example, giving the loan a longer term. And if you, for example, need to collect your loans in one place, a debt of DKK 180,000 must be issued in total. If you go down to your bank advisor with a pre-approved loan document, the bank advisor can see that the loan provider has assessed your finances and does not think there will be any trouble borrowing your money.

In this way, your bank can quickly see that if they do not lend you the money – you just lend them somewhere else. And this is where the banks will typically come in and offer you a lower interest rate, zero foundation costs, cheaper insurance or other benefits that the bank has – precisely because they want to keep you as a customer.

So there can be many reasons for demanding a consumer loan – and it can easily be done to clean up the economy and find air in the budget, without consumption loans having to be a debt trap. We hope you find the loan that suits you.

Best Loan Calculator Consumption

If you are facing unforeseen expenses, it can be quite easy today to find a loan. As more and more banks and financial companies have come in, more comparison sites have also emerged. This makes it easy for you as a consumer to find the best loan calculator for consumer loans. It can be a bit of a jungle to navigate around the many different pages that are on the web, but we can comfort you that it does not cost you anything to shop around.

As we have also got more and more busy with both jobs, family, careers and dreams in recent years, it is also rare that you actually want to take a few hours out of the calendar for a bank meeting – and Here it is not much easier than sitting in front of the screen in peace and quiet. You do not have to worry about when you get free from work, whether you can also reach it if the traffic is too violent – or much else. You can, in principle, sit and apply for loans at two o’clock at night if that is what you want, as they run a lot of places automatically.

It has become very popular today to include consumer loans. It is a simple and clear way to get extra money in the bank account if you have now fallen over a delicious new TV, a cheap weekend stay in Spain – or if the car, for example, needs new brakes. Typically, there is no requirement to provide a warranty on consumer loans, so you can often spend the money on exactly what you want.

Often it is the easiest place to find consumer loans clearly on the web. It is not said that one should not hear what the bank can offer, but it can be an advantage that the research market suffered on its own before, as there are plenty of companies that are living off lending money – and who often can at very good interest rates. And with the comparison pages we talked about earlier, it has always been easier.

We cannot tell in advance which of the many available calculators actually constitute the best loan calculator for consumer loans, but we do however have a few tips for what they should be able to do for you, for example;

The first is that they must be able to list the requirements for you as an applicant. It is quite annoying to go through a lot of applications if you first find out that you are not old enough to borrow the loan. Of course, this is not as relevant if you have an age where there are no restrictions, but if you are in the early twenties, it certainly does not matter. So make sure to find a calculator that can write this to start with – then you save a lot of time.

Depending on how much you have to borrow, it may also be an idea to choose one calculator that clearly and clearly writes what the loan framework is. If you are looking for a small loan of 4-5,000 for the workshop bill, there is no need to look at consumer loans where you have to borrow a minimum of 50 thousand to get an attractive interest rate.

Likewise, there is of course no reason to look for small loans if you already know that, for example, there is a small renovation on the house you are going to start with, and that you already have to say that you have to spend over 100,000.

Of course we always recommend that you familiarize yourself with who you are dealing with – and here it is no exception. To make it easier for you, we recommend using a comparison page that tells you which reviews the company has on the various media, such as facebook, trustpilot, google etc. It can potentially save you some annoying experiences along the way.

One thing that may be a little more a luxury than a real necessity is finding a calculator that can show you the total amount of repayment – that is, what it will cost you to borrow the money in total. It’s something you can easily figure out yourself, but it’s a little easier that the page shows it directly on the screen. Then you can easily and quickly sort among the cheapest – and this is after all the point when we talk about finding the best loan calculator for consumer loans .

Sometimes it is possible to find some consumer loans that give you other benefits than just a cheap loan. For example, there are online banks that give you benefit points for groceries, petrol and insurance – and if you already make use of some of these things, it may make sense to consider this loan – even if the loan may have a higher interest rate than the others .

Of course, it is not certain that all of the above points are the same in all people. If you already know that you will not be rejected because of your age, it is of course not a relevant requirement for you – but it is important that you find the calculator that best suits you – both to save yourself time but also to make sure you always get the best deals. After all, it’s all about it.

When you have found the consumer loan that suits you, we recommend that you try to pass it by the bank. It may be that they find it a little odd that you are looking for consumer loans online instead of asking them for advice – but it also proves that you are able to think for yourself and it can sometimes give you a benefit when negotiating interest with your bank. Of course, they are interested in borrowing money, and if they can see that you are approved for a loan elsewhere, they may be more likely to lend you the money instead – and maybe you can get it a better interest rate, so you will also often be able to negotiate the formation costs – something that is unfortunately quite difficult to do online.

Best consumer loan with low interest rate

Occasionally it may be necessary for even the most financially responsible of us to borrow money elsewhere. With consumer loans, for example, we can quickly and easily buy the things we need here and now and which may fall slightly outside budget. Imagine if the dishwasher breaks into the home of the family, or the driving salesman might have a just legally high workshop bill – or that the dental visit might be a bit more extensive than the tooth cleaning you had expected. In short, we can all occasionally need a consumer loan. But apparently there are many who look negatively at having admitted a consumer loan, and who automatically sees it as “wasting money away”. But if you look at those who say this, it is also typically those who have never had the need for consumer loans to start with. For all of us other mortal people, it can be difficult to bypass consumer loans at some point in our lives. And when that need arises, it is typically not easier than on the web. Here it is really easy to check out the best consumer loans with low interest rates , and then it is often a much more pleasant experience to sit at home on the couch while having to sit with nervous features and sweaty palms facing his bank adviser.

On the web, the big advantage is that virtually all loan applications are scanned by a computer – and this is clearly just about mathematics. Either you are approved or you are not. There is nothing personally involved, so if you get the unfortunate gain of a refusal, then self-confidence is still fairly intact. And in addition, it is typically also much faster to use the network. Should you be so unfortunate to get a rejection, you will quickly move on to the next provider in the row.

When talking about loans – and here consumer loans are no exception – it is always important to examine whether you have now also got the best interest rate. Here are several pages that make it easy for you to find the loans with the lowest interest rate and under the terms that suit you and the amount you need to borrow. The interest rate is absolutely essential, as it is not quite as if you have to pay 15 or 30 percent in interest. It can quickly become expensive to borrow money, and it can sometimes be cheaper to have the loan in the bank as well.

If you often need extra money at the end of the month, it may also be worth thinking about whether you should get a credit card instead. The big advantage of the credit card is that you only pay money you have spent. You can therefore have a “backup” card in the scrotum for rainy times – which does not cost you anything before you use it. However, you should be aware that this freedom is often costly bought, because if you actually use the card – and do not pay the balance, there are often very expensive interest rates on these types of “loans”.

When we talk about finding consumer loans, it’s always about the total amount and your own unique situation . If you have other debts, for example, it can sometimes make sense to bring together several loans at once, as you usually do not have to pay for the formation costs.

In addition, it can actually make sense to choose a loan with a higher interest rate if you are sure to be able to repay the loan ahead of time. It may ultimately be cheaper for you than choosing a low interest rate loan that cannot be redeemed in advance.

Today, as a customer, you have many benefits when you need to find your consumer loan. There are a lot of websites and tools you can use online that ensures that you always find the best loans for you. Some of these pages compare both founding costs, fees and interest, so you can quickly and easily find the loan that suits you best and where you naturally get the cheapest.

Of course, it should be mentioned that, as far as possible, you should avoid borrowing money you do not need as a starting point. And this is not something we say to support all those people who declare consumer loans as “debt traps”, but simply just common sense – because in reality nobody wants to pay a lot of money in interest and formation costs for something that one can buy without, if only you have the patience to save for a few months.

In addition, we recommend that you always pay for your debt as soon as possible. And this is not just to save money on interest, but also to increase the availability amount every month. When you get a mortgage off the budget, you have more money to do well to make your life a little more fun. However, it is important not to set the repayment amount too high when applying for a loan. It is always better to choose an amount you are sure to adhere to, and then pay extra when you have the opportunity – rather than having an excessively high installment where you risk getting behind the payments.

In addition, it is of course always important to have reason when borrowing money – especially on the web. If the offer sounds a little too good to be true, then it is safe. Always make sure you examine those you are borrowing money from. Take a look at their website. Does it look professional? Is it a company you know or have heard of? And if they have any user reviews you can look at, to find out how other customers have experienced the company. It may sound like a big mouthful, but fortunately you, as a consumer, are well protected and have many opportunities to check up on the loan provider’s interest costs and good name and reputation – typically all from the same side.

Bank loans vs. Online loans

Are you going to feel depressed over your empty bank account and want to borrow a loan but don’t know where to go or start? Then read here. Today, there are plenty of opportunities to borrow money, no matter what your situation is, and whether you prefer to borrow from the bank or through the web. If you have never tried to borrow a loan before, it can easily become a bit of a challenge, and you should therefore do yourself a favor and research the various options thoroughly. Today, in our article, we will help you a bit on the road and hopefully make it easier for you to decide whether to borrow from the bank or online. Just read here.

For a long time, bank loans used to be the first choice – if not the only solution when it came to borrowing money. Unfortunately, it is not as easy today to borrow money through the bank as it once was – and there are many reasons for this. First of all, there is the financial crisis that hit the banks around the world hard and that led businesses to be more cautious about who they are lending money to. In addition, the statistics show that more and more Danes tend not to repay their bank loans – either because they are unable to do so, or because they go out and take up quick loans without thinking about the consequences. This has unfortunately led to many banks simply refusing to grant loans unless you live up to their often strict requirements for you as a borrower.

If you want to take out a loan through the bank, you should expect that it is usually a requirement that you have been a customer with them for a number of years and that you also have a good economy and that there is a good chance that you will repay the loan. If you want to borrow a larger loan amount, you must also be aware that the bank may require you to provide a certain amount of security for the loan – for example, by depositing your belongings.

If you don’t mind borrowing online, which more and more Danes choose to do, it is relatively easy to get started, and you will find many different offers here, such as free loans 30 days or other types of loans without interest. When you borrow online, it is also not uncommon for your lending company never to require you to provide documentation for the loan or state what you need to spend the money on – the only requirement for you is that you have a good credit rating, ie not registered in the RKI and that they believe that you have the economy to repay the loan on time.

When you borrow online, you can quickly and easily deposit money into your account after a few days, but be aware that interest rates may sometimes be slightly higher. You must therefore deal with yourself, which loan suits you best. Good luck!

Alternatives to bank loans

If you, like many other Danes, struggle and have trouble getting a bank loan, you must not despair. Since the financial crisis, it has become more difficult to raise loans at the bank, as more and more requirements are now being imposed on the borrower. However, this does not mean that you need to stand with an empty bank account at the end of the month, as there are now many good alternatives to bank loans.

Before attempting to borrow a loan online, it is worth discussing with the bank why your application is rejected. If you have a good credit rating that is a requirement for being able to borrow from the bank, there may be other factors that play a role. It may be that you have applied for an unrealistic loan amount or that the bank does not feel that your need to borrow a loan is large enough. Either way, it is wise to inquire at the bank if your application is rejected.

If you have come to the conclusion that at the present time it is not possible for you to borrow at the bank, there are fortunately many other options for borrowing money. Many Danes who do not have the opportunity to borrow through their bank choose to take out loans on the Internet. This is both quick and easy, and the best part of all is that virtually everyone over the age of 18 can participate. It does not require you to have an exceptionally good economy, and in the vast majority of cases you also do not require you to provide security for the loan.

Obviously, the easiest loans online are the smaller loans. Small loans are usually referred to as either a mini loan or a SMS loan, and here it is usually possible to borrow up to DKK 15,000. One of the clear advantages of taking out a small loan is that the processing time is very short, which is a clear advantage for you who need money now and here. With a small loan, you can usually already expect the money to enter the same day that you submit your application!

If you need to borrow a larger amount, this is also an option. With the extremely popular quick loans and consumer loans you can borrow between 15,000-300,000 DKK depending on your personal situation. Of course, it says itself that if you want to borrow the huge amounts, you will be asked to provide some kind of security for the loan. Most often, you are required to deposit your belongings so that your creditor can claim them if you end up in a situation where you cannot repay your loan.

This was just a quick look at some of the different loan types that exist, but if you search around the net you will quickly find out that there are plenty of opportunities to borrow many different loans. Which loan best suits you depends on your individual needs, but we wish you good luck!

All about quick loans and RKI

Many today enjoy all the different types of loans available online. In the past, you were almost forced to borrow through the bank, but with more options than never before, today you can count on getting the money into your account after a couple of hours when choosing a loan with a quick payout online. It is therefore no wonder that many Danes today borrow money on the Internet more than ever. Today we will look at how you should relate when you stand in the RKI and want to take out a loan.

Is a quick payout loan something to me?

As with any other thing in the world, there are both advantages and disadvantages when choosing a fast payout loan online. To give you a better overview of whether it really pays for you to borrow on the web, we have compiled a list of the basic benefits and disadvantages that you can expect from a loan online.

Advantages of online loans

Search Online Without Paper Debt: When you apply for a loan online, the entire process can take place from the comfort of your home. You do not have to think about going down to the bank and there is no paperwork. All you have to do is calculate the loan and make sure you get the best deal for you.

Quick Payouts: If your application is approved, you can count on the money entering your account after a very short time – usually only a few minutes. We all know well that with a bank loan it can take up to several weeks before your application is processed at all. A quick payout loan online is ideal for those who need money now and here.

Take out a loan without collateral: When you take out a loan with no security on the web, you can do it with peace of mind. An unsecured loan means you are not pledging your belongings, which means you don’t have to worry about losing your home or car. Taking a loan without collateral is usually only possible if it is a small amount, so be sure to read the individual terms and conditions thoroughly.

A quick loan can be of great help: If you are in an emergency where you need money now and then, a loan with a quick payout is the ideal solution. Fortunately, the vast majority of providers do not mix with what you need the money for. Whether you are paying for repairs on the car or an expensive dental bill, you can be sure that a quick loan can be of great help.

Disadvantages of loans online

Interest rates can be tower-high: When you take out a loan online, you should always be aware that interest rates can quickly rise. Therefore, always remember to check how much you will actually pay for the loan once you have paid the loan. Although you will no doubt pay more with an online provider than with the bank, it may still be a good idea to compare the various providers to make sure you get the best available rates and offers.

The fines may be even greater: When you take out a loan online, regardless of the type, it is always extremely important that you are sure you can repay the loan on time. If you do not manage this, it can have major consequences for you. If you pay your loan back too late, you can expect that you will soon be charged a lot of extra fees and costs, and your loan can quickly become much more expensive than expected.

You Can Destroy Your Credit Rating: When you record an online loan, there is always a chance that things will not go as planned. Perhaps you no longer have the opportunity to repay the loan. This not only results in fines, but ultimately you also risk ending up in the RKI. This is a serious consequence, and may result in you no longer being able to borrow from either the bank or online.

Processing times and quick loans

The quick loans naturally live up to their name. As you avoid bank meetings and a lot of paperwork, you can count on your application being processed as soon as the provider receives it – so long that you submit your application during regular opening hours.

However, the length of time that actually goes before you get the money into the account may vary slightly from provider to provider. Today, it is not abnormal that money goes in the same day – and sometimes after just a few minutes. It is also why a loan with a quick payout is the perfect solution if you need acute money now and here.

Find the cheapest fast loan

As a rule, you should always be aware that the vast majority of fast loans are not as cheap as regular bank loans as you pay extra to get the money paid out quickly. If it is not a must for you to get the money into the account now and then, we recommend that you consider recording another loan where the processing times may be slightly longer, but on the other hand the loan is cheaper. It depends entirely on your needs.

That being said, it is of course fully possible to compare various quick loans online to get the cheapest offer. Allow yourself plenty of time to make sure you get the best loan on the market.

Record a loan online with RKI

Ribers, who is commonly known as RKI, is the largest register in Denmark of poor payers. If you have previously failed to pay a bill or loan, you can be sure that you are already registered.

It can be incredibly difficult to get a loan with RKI status, but it is no longer impossible. We recommend that you check out the various providers online to find the most RKI-friendly loan for you.

blank loan with payment note

It is common that as a private person you try to get blank loans with a payment note and if you turn to the right company, chances are that you will get the loan granted. Blancolån is another expression of unsecured loans and it is one of the most common loan types today. Far from everyone owns a home, a car or other that can be used as security and therefore the number of applications within just a blind loan with a payment note increases steadily. Fortunately, the number of companies that can think of granting a blank loan with a remark also increases, and therefore they rarely come across patrol when looking for a loan, even if one cannot offer any security. It is important that there are good financing opportunities for everyone and that is why the increased number of lenders is a positive phenomenon that one should see positively on.

Possibility to get several – blank loans with payment note

There are a number of different types of loans that one can apply for and while some have the conditions required to apply for them all, others must rely on specific types of loans, such as blank loans with payment notes that most people can get. Many people who have knowledge about bank loans know that it is usually not possible to take new ones as often as possible, but when it comes to blank loans with payment notes, there are some lenders who offer the customer the opportunity to take a new loan as soon as the old one is repaid, which sometimes can Go for one or a few months.

Seeking blank loans payment notes can, of course, feel quite nervous because you cannot know for sure whether the loan will be granted or not. The fact is, however, that many blank loans with a payment note are granted on a daily basis and since a message about approval is usually given immediately on the screen, one also does not need to aim for any long, nervous wait. Most people think that it feels good to know immediately whether a loan will be granted or not and if the misfortune is with a denied loan as a result, just turn to the next lender to try to get a blank loan with a payment note there instead.

Blank loans with payment notes are enough for most things

When it comes to so-called micro loans, it is usually small sums you borrow, but when you talk about blank loans with payment notes it can apply to both small and large sums. Of course, you can take a blank loan with a note to buy a new jacket before the fall, but it can also be possible to take blank loans with a payment note in order to be able to pay the cash contribution on a house. Now, there are probably some who wonder how this goes together, because it is not possible to get home loans if you have remarks? Yes, it actually does, though not at the big banks. Today, there are players on the market that offer mortgages with a remark provided that the borrower has some form of security. If one has been granted such, one can solve the cash issue by taking a blank loan with a payment note. It’s easy, it goes fast and suddenly you can have that dream home you longed for so incredibly long.

It is a security for many who suffered from severe financial strokes, knowing that there are actually funding opportunities despite the remarks. Buying on installments can be difficult for the person who is in the register of the Danish Crown, but then you can solve the whole thing by taking a blank loan with a payment note and in this way have the opportunity to pay the product you want so much. In this way you can, despite remarks, be able to buy a new computer, TV, washing machine or whatever it may be that you need. Certainly you can sometimes encounter problems when you have comments in the luggage but most of the problems can be solved if you think the step further.

Credit for consumers through a loan

A loan is a medium or long term loan . Therefore, the two terms are often used synonymously. With such financing the funds can get to your wishes as the purchase of consumer goods or services financed .

However, you will only receive a loan if you provide the necessary proof. However, these vary with the different banks. Often, you must have a permanent job so that regular payments are received in the same amount on your account. With a copy of your proof of income, the bank checks that you are able to repay the loan. Often, your most recent bank statements must be submitted to prove your credit rating . Use our comparison calculator to find an attractive loan for your desired funding purposes.

Schufa check for a loan

To get a loan, the credit check must be positive. Among other things, credit institutions conduct a check with the Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung ( Schufa ) for the verification of their creditworthiness. This collects information about your previous payment behavior. Personal data such as name and age are also saved. Schufa receives its data from the contractors, such as banks and leasing companies. From the collected data, the credit agency determines a score. This value reflects the probability with which the applicant repays the loan in accordance with the contract. Negative features such as payment defaults and dunning procedures worsen the credit rating.

The repayment of the loan

In consumer credit , the most common type of loan is installment credit . By name, the installments in this loan are made in monthly payments. These consist of the repayment and the accruing interest together. The latter are counted on the remaining debt . With the regular payments, the residual loan amount decreases noticeably, so that the share of interest rates decreases from year to year. However, since the installment payment is a constant amount, a repayment installment increases in return. This way, the loan can be serviced quickly.

However, there are other forms of a loan . For a term loan, such as the official loan, only the interest is paid during the term . The debt, on the other hand, is paid out in one sum at the end of the term. For this, the required amount is saved during the life insurance.

Loans per mouse click are becoming increasingly popular

Quickly arrange a loan in the middle of the night or on Sunday morning? What used to be unthinkable is quite normal today. At any time available credit comparisons on the Internet put an end to rigid opening hours and long waiting periods. No wonder that internet loans are becoming increasingly popular. In the past two years alone, the proportion of online loans has risen from around 20 % to more than 27 % . And there is no end to this trend – on the contrary.

Another boost for loans via the Internet or smartphone experts expect the improvement of virtual identification procedures. So far, loan agreements must still be signed by hand and sent by post, even after online processing. The legally required identification is also not always as quick and easy as desired. Many consumers have to go to the post office for their first loan from a “new” bank to register with their ID. “Post-Ident” is the process used to ensure that the borrower is actually the named person.

However, this sometimes cumbersome procedure could very well be a thing of the past, because the video-identification process is getting better and more reliable. All it takes is a smartphone or the camera of the laptop to authenticate online within seconds. If a process for online signatures such as the digital signature continues to spread, loans can probably be processed completely online in the near future. From the request to the credit check and the completion of all formalities to the payout , it could actually only take a few hours.

This is still a dream of the future in many places, but and its banking partners are already working hard on the new technical possibilities. And even today we can realize loans within a few days. An enormous saving of time for all potential creditors results from the fact that negotiates in parallel with up to 20 different banks . So no one has to make five, ten or more separate requests to find the optimal financing offer. Rather, a single quick online application is enough, and then does the rest.

Modernization loans: Worthwhile makeover for the old house

Once the children are out of the house, the freedoms and opportunities of the parents increase. Homeowners can now take care of their own home peacefully. It is the ideal time to energetically upgrade the house.

At this age you have already achieved a lot. This is also shown by the figures of the Federal Ministry of Construction. The ownership rate in the age group 45-60 years is consistently over 50 percent .

However, the time for home ownership with children is rather tight. Therefore, most 50+ generation homes can not meet energy standards. It can often save up to 50 percent of energy costs, if you modernize your home accordingly. But these modernization works are not cheap. As a rule, homeowners have to invest about 30,000 euros for the refurbishment. A modernization loan jumps at this point to bear the costs.

The modernization loan has a special position within the installment loan segment: On the one hand, this type of loan is not yet a real estate loan, on the other hand, a modernization loan lacks the flexibility that distinguishes a classic installment loan . A loan , which is geared solely to the modernization of their own four walls, is therefore earmarked and can also be applied for at a promotional bank such as the KfW ( Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau ) in comparison to an installment or consumer loan .