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Alternatives to bank loans

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If you, like many other Danes, struggle and have trouble getting a bank loan, you must not despair. Since the financial crisis, it has become more difficult to raise loans at the bank, as more and more requirements are now being imposed on the borrower. However, this does not mean that you need to stand with an empty bank account at the end of the month, as there are now many good alternatives to bank loans.

Before attempting to borrow a loan online, it is worth discussing with the bank why your application is rejected. If you have a good credit rating that is a requirement for being able to borrow from the bank, there may be other factors that play a role. It may be that you have applied for an unrealistic loan amount or that the bank does not feel that your need to borrow a loan is large enough. Either way, it is wise to inquire at the bank if your application is rejected.

If you have come to the conclusion that at the present time it is not possible for you to borrow at the bank, there are fortunately many other options for borrowing money. Many Danes who do not have the opportunity to borrow through their bank choose to take out loans on the Internet. This is both quick and easy, and the best part of all is that virtually everyone over the age of 18 can participate. It does not require you to have an exceptionally good economy, and in the vast majority of cases you also do not require you to provide security for the loan.

Obviously, the easiest loans online are the smaller loans. Small loans are usually referred to as either a mini loan or a SMS loan, and here it is usually possible to borrow up to DKK 15,000. One of the clear advantages of taking out a small loan is that the processing time is very short, which is a clear advantage for you who need money now and here. With a small loan, you can usually already expect the money to enter the same day that you submit your application!

If you need to borrow a larger amount, this is also an option. With the extremely popular quick loans and consumer loans you can borrow between 15,000-300,000 DKK depending on your personal situation. Of course, it says itself that if you want to borrow the huge amounts, you will be asked to provide some kind of security for the loan. Most often, you are required to deposit your belongings so that your creditor can claim them if you end up in a situation where you cannot repay your loan.

This was just a quick look at some of the different loan types that exist, but if you search around the net you will quickly find out that there are plenty of opportunities to borrow many different loans. Which loan best suits you depends on your individual needs, but we wish you good luck!