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If you are looking for an instant loan , you do not want to wait – there can be various reasons for this. Usually you want to use a current offer and requires a fast, binding commitment and speedy settlement and payment . The instant loan creates the necessary financial scope.

However, before taking advantage of such a loan in their own interest should also be careful not to lose the intended cash advantage due to bad conditions again. It is therefore advisable, despite the hurry to make an instant loan comparison , because depending on the provider can thereby save considerable or get better tailored offers. Normally, the instant loan is settled as a installment loan agreement in which the repayment terms are determined. In addition to the loan amount, this also includes term, interest ( effective interest ) and the amount of repayment installments. As with any other credit agreement , the creditworthiness of the applicant will be verified before the credit approval by proof of income and Schufaauskunft . With good credit you can sometimes negotiate a cheaper interest rate .

Those in a hurry can get good offers for an instant loan online . Most banks now offer this service, so you can easily compare a variety of instant loan offers. The instant loan from the Internet at particularly low interest rates is fully in line with the trend.

Instant loan even without Schufa

Also in great demand right now is the instant loan without Schufa. Similar to small loans , various Swiss financial service providers also offer instant loans without Schufa, but of course the conditions here are adapted to the special conditions. Anyone who, for whatever reason, receives a bad assessment or wants to avoid having to register the loan, has to accept higher interest rates.

In the normal case, assuming a good credit rating, the desired loan amount can be credited to the applicant’s account within 5 days. For this, it is of course necessary that the details in the loan application are complete and correct, that the required legitimacy check is implemented quickly (especially in the instant loan online ) and that the required documents meet the requirements.

However, you should not consider an instant loan for larger investments such as mortgage lending , as thorough reviews are needed. Here it is possible to apply for an instant loan, which is linked to a home savings contract . In this case, the applicant should be careful, because some banks are two effective rates: the one for the advance loan to the allocation of Bauspar contract and the subsequent building society loan . The customer then pays not only interest, but also termination fees and savings contributions for the Bauspar contract. This may result in the customer paying a much higher effective interest rate than what is stated in the alleged offer.

No matter for what purpose, so you should worry according to the amount of the loan in case you become unemployed during the term of the instant loan. Corresponding safeguards in case of death, disability or unemployment are available on request.