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New online loan

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Not too long ago, the GH Family Financing Bank attracted a lot of attention with an attractive new customer campaign: An effective annual interest rate of 2.99% on a € 2,500 microcredit * is indeed a convincing argument for the current action plan. Credit , however, will be limited in time to the fall season.

But a cheap loan alone is no guarantee for the sustainable success of a new customer campaign. As a result, the GH Family Financing Bank will increase its involvement in the area of ​​instant loans. And in this case, that can even be taken literally, because the previous JK product has recently become known as SofortKredit Online.

In parallel with the launch of the new online loan, the GH Family Financing Bank launches the new website Under the motto “quick – easy – cheap” it immediately becomes clear that these are in fact instant loans . The advantage of the new online loan : The decision on the loan application is made immediately and causes a quick payout even without specifying a purpose. Due to the transparent and attractive conditions , customers are safe from surprises. At the same time they can use their instant loan according to their ideas.

If you would like to compare GH Family Financing Bank’s new SofortKredit Online with other installment and online loans, you should use the following representative example:

* Net loan amount 2. 500 Euro ; Term 24 months; annual percentage rate 2.99%; Debit interest pa 1.51%, tied for the entire term; Processing fee 37.50 euros; monthly rate 107.40 euros; Total 2,577.60 euros.

For other credit sums and maturities apply similarly favorable conditions, which have been taken over automatically by most credit computers on the Internet.